Consular Protection

Victims of Human Trafficking

Article 15 of the Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia says that no person may be subjected to servitude or slavery and that human trafficking is prohibited. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the governing body of international relations of the Plurinational State that develops the foreign policy for the defense of its sovereignty, the diplomacy of the peoples for life, for the benefit of Bolivians, and says, through Law No. 465, that the General Consuls, Consuls, Vice Consuls and Consular Agents have the duty, among other functions, to provide support, assistance and protection to all Bolivian citizens residing abroad, mainly, and legal entities, if applicable. Law No. 263 establishes in the case of a victim of human trafficking and related offenses, is of Bolivian nationality and is in foreign territory, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and Consulates under its dependence, will aid on the voluntary repatriation, or request the cooperation of the State of residence or permanence, guaranteeing their human rights.

The Consulate General of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in Washington D.C., based on the Protocol of Repatriation of Victims of Human Trafficking of Bolivian Nationality Abroad.

If you are a relative or acquaintance of a person who is a victim of human trafficking, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the nearest consulate with the following information so that we can assist you:

Letter or email with the following information:

    • Full name of the Victim of human trafficking
    • Complete address of the incident and where the victim is currently located (name of the institution)
    • Names and telephone numbers of family members currently in United States territory
    • Names and telephone numbers of relatives in Bolivia
    • Brief description of the incident
    • Telephone information and names of public institutions (United States Migration, Police, etc.) involved
    • Original Bolivian identity document or photocopy of the victim

A representative of the General Consulate of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in Washington D.C. Will immediately contact you and accompany and follow up on your case, with support from the Ministry of Justice through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Important Information on Trafficking in Persons:



 CEM-18-VGIC-DGAC-UAPC-NC-3/2017-HR-7289.17-6 / 02/2017

The Safe Conduct pass is a emergency travel document to return to Bolivia in case you do not have enough documents and time to apply for a passport

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