Repatriation of Human Remains to Bolivia

If you will doing a repatriation of a body please note the following requirements and procedures that must resort to the effect:

  1. The funeral home also will make the process of the following certifications so that the remains can move outside the State, subsequent reception and transport in Bolivia:
  2. Death Certificate issued by the State where he died which must exactly match the information with the Bolivian passports and / or Identity Card to avoid further delays with paperwork in Bolivia. This document must be legalized in the Consulate of Bolivia and have to be accompanied with a translation.
    1. Embalming Certification issued by the appropriate funeral duly authenticated and translated.
    2. Certificate proving that the death was not a contagious disease issued by the County (this requirement may vary according to the County) duly authenticated and translated.
    3. The repatriation of the body of a deceased should be done through a funeral home who will perform the required procedures with the Airline and even contact a funeral home in Bolivia who will be in charge of receiving the remains of the deceased in the airport.
    4. Permission for transit outside the State duly authenticated and translated

The General Consulate of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in Washington D.C. recommends that the death certificate be obtained in 3 originals so to be used by Bolivia in institutions such as the Plurinational Electoral Body, General Service of Personal Identification and registration at the cemetery where the body will be buried. Embalming conditions, materials and others are regulated by the airline and these must be met by the funeral home that you hired. Also, we inform you that this Consular Office can not recommend or advise on funeral home or repatriation companies.

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