Consular Affairs
Consular Registration

The Consular Registration is an identity document issued by the Consulate of Bolivia in the United States to all Bolivians living in this country. Regardless of immigration status of Bolivians, the Consular Registration serves three purposes: Certifies that these citizens have Bolivian nationality; [ ... ]

Certification of Absence of Registration Entry

Certification of the absence of a birth, marriage or death registration entry.

Duplicate Bolivian Death Certificate

Issuance of duplicate Bolivian death certificate, according to the Civil Registry Service (SERECI)

Humanitarian Visa

It is free and is granted for 30 calendar days, for the following humanitarian grounds: Need of international protection covered by the Principle of Non-Refoulement Victim of human trafficking or other forms of exploitation; Being companion of a ill person requiring medical treatment

Victims of Human Trafficking

Victims of Human Trafficking
Article 15 of the Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia says that no person may be subjected to servitude or slavery and that human trafficking is prohibited. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the governing body of international relations of the Plurinati [ ... ]

Duplicate Bolivian Birth Certificate

Issuance of duplicate Bolivian birth certificate, according to the Civil Registry Service (SERECI)

Repatriation of Human Remains to Bolivia

If you will doing a repatriation of a body please note the following requirements and procedures that must resort to the effect: The funeral home also will make the process of the following certifications so that the remains can move outside the State, subsequent reception and transport in Bolivi [ ... ]

Duplicate Bolivian Marriage Certificate

Issuance of duplicate Bolivian marriage certificate, according to the Civil Registry Service (SERECI)

Power of Attorney for Travel Authorization of Mino...

For Special Power of Attorney for travel authorization of minors

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