For a marriage celebrated abroad, to be valid in Bolivia, it must be registered with the Consulate of Bolivia.

To register your marriage at the Consulate of the Plurinational State of Bolivia must meet the following requirements , no exceptions :

  1. Certificate of Marriage
    • Document must be certified by the Secretary of State where it was issued and authenticated by the State Department of the United States of America (See procedure Legalization)
    • Legalization of the marriage certificate is required by the Consulate.
  2. Original or certified copy of the birth certificate of the spouses
    • If one spouse is not Bolivian must perform the same procedure to legalize birth certificate at the Consulate.
    • No translation of any required certificates
    • Photocopies of birth certificates will not accepted
  3. Valid Identification of both spouses
    • Bolivian passport or Identification Card
    • Foreign passport
  4. Presentation of two (2) witnesses armed with valid identity documents
    • Witnesses must not necessarily be Bolivian
  5. Proof of current residence
    • Utility bill , lease etc. 

Appointments are not required , the approximate time of each registration is 15 minutes.