Consular Registration

The Consular Registration is an identity document issued by the Consulate of Bolivia in the United States to all Bolivians living in this country. Regardless of immigration status of Bolivians, the Consular Registration serves three purposes:

Certifies that these citizens have Bolivian nationality;
Certifies that these Bolivians are living in the United States; and
Certifies that these citizens are registered in the Consulates of Bolivia in the United States.

Requirements for a Consular Registration:

  1. Passport or Identity Card
  2. Document of proof of Residency


$ 20 for renewal, $ 30 for renewal for loss / misplacement

Consular Registration Form  


Processing by Mail

You can complete the process by mail. Payment must be sent in Money Order payable to the Consulate of Bolivia.

We recommend using a reliable, certified or express courrier mail service. Package should include a return pre-paid envelope with the correct return address.

Shipping and returns costs are covered by the applicant. The Consulate is not responsible for lost or damaged documents outside the office or during transit.

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