Bolivians who return to the country to take up residence are entitled to introduce at the time of entry into the country duty free DOMESTIC HOUSEHOLD items.

Items include furniture, appliances and accessories (does not include motor vehicles of any kind and / or parts and accessories of any machine or equipment) according to the following maximum values of excess:

FOB : Cost of goods (Household items) plus the means of transport 

If the value of the domestic household exceeds the limits , the excess is subject to payment of customs duties that apply. The requirements you need to submit to benefit from this program are:

The deadline for the arrival of a Domestic Household items to Bolivia is permitted only between one (1 ) month before and up to six ( 6) months after the date of arrival of the owner responsible customs clearance must be made through a single Customs Administration. Import of Household Items does not apply to temporary returns and does not constitute as household utensils sending correspondence and parcels to people in the country


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